Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Venus Trine Jupiter, Mars Trine Chiron | smoothing things out, do you feel lucky?

beauty outside, myth inside by cobraromania

Yesterday's challenging energies (still in play, but to a lesser degree) give way to today's more manageable aspects.

Trines bring natural grace, support and the ease of things "falling into place".

In our natal chart, trines (120 degree aspects) are our natural gifts, sometimes so innately a part of us we don't even realize they are gifts. They work in similar ways during times of transit - smoothing things out, easing us over rough patches, quietly removing road blocks, sometimes while we are still miles away. They do their work so seamlessly we might not even feel them. We'll just look back later and see the ease with which something potentially complicated fell into place.

With Venus (in Gemini) trining Jupiter (in Libra) at 15 degrees (those with planets or points around 15 degrees of the air signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius - will feel this most)

communications within relationships will be more harmonious. Conversations can be more relaxed. This is great energy for socializing. Be out and about. Return the call. Send the email. Situations with Venus ruled themes - love, money, women, beauty, self-esteem, our values - expand (Jupiter) under this transit. We get lucky. 

With Mars (in Cancer) trining Chiron (in Pisces) at 28 degrees (those with planets or points around 28 degrees of the water signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces - will feel this most)

we are offered a cooling balm for any wounds yesterday's Mars/Uranus square opened up. Here's the band-aid. It's a stretchy fabric one that stays put in the shower and, look, it's even got a picture of Bambi on it. Also mom has kissed our boo-boo and given us a cookie. Oatmeal!

Actions (Mars) can be healing (Chiron). Family (Cancer) connections (Pisces) can be repaired. Compassionate (Pisces) action (Mars) heals. What hurts? What needs mending? Work on that.

xo all 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Venus Square Neptune, Mars Square Uranus | proceed carefully

Out of View by FlewDesigns

Today we have two inner planets, Venus and Mars, squaring off with two outer planets, Neptune and Uranus. This gives us multiple ways things can go off the rails. With more positive transits coming as early as tomorrow, today is not the day to leap into something without looking.

Keep a cool head. Don't say/do something you will regret tomorrow.

Neptune squaring Venus is good energy to simply want too much. Expecting too much from other people or from a certain situation dulls our vision to what we already have and where we already are. The grass looks greener on the other side, but that's only because we are not the one who has to water it.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the next thing that we miss out on our connection to the thing we have now. Someone I know with this aspect in his natal chart is always having his hopes dashed. He thinks he has bad luck, but what he really has is a natural tendency to want/expect so much that he is continually disappointed.

(this doesn't mean that wanting/expecting too much is a bad thing - it can be a great thing and most people probably settle for too little - but with today's skies this is something to be aware of)

With Venus in Gemini (choices) it will be easy to make the wrong decision or pursue the wrong thing today. Snap decisions could snap back at us. Keep things realistic. Is this thing "we want or need to take action on NOW" really something we want/need to do? If something logically looks like a long shot, this is not the best energy to have a go at it. Invest your time and money carefully .....

With Mars in Cancer squaring Uranus in Aries, we, and other people, could feel a strong urge to rebel within the family, home or an environment that feels like family. Or things could get pretty passive/aggressive - for example we don't want to go to dinner with someone so we lose our keys and can't leave the house. Or maybe someone is stubbornly holding onto a position simply to annoy the other person or not finishing something as a way to have power over someone else or power over a situation where they feel out of control (ahem).

Something unexpected (Uranus) could be in conflict with what we are doing or trying to do (Mars). There are many tricky situations that can lead to conflict now.

Take care when driving. If it ain't broke don't try and fix it today.

On the other hand if we need to find real courage against something that truly is oppressing us - today's energy could stoke a fire that needs to be started. Chew on that.

Baby steps people, the Sun will come out tomorrow and we are heading into Leo season - the sign that rules HAPPINESS and FUN .... and today's Moon is in Taurus - get outdoors, eat some good food, focus on the things you already have ... xo

(there may be more info in the weekly HERE)

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of July 17th - high stakes, getting fired up, chickens coming home to roost

cutting light by alltelleringet

Last week was fairly quiet in the skies but this week should more than make up for it.

This is a busy week with the most notable transits Mars squaring Uranus on Monday and the Sun squaring Uranus on Thursday. We also have both Mars and the Sun moving into a fire sign and the week ends with a BIG New Moon in Leo!

A Sun/Mars/Uranus mix-up can be rough and challenging. Even angry and violent. We need to be prepared for some unexpected twists and turns over the next few weeks. 

The stuff happening now is reactivating the Pluto/Uranus square we were all dealing with a couple years ago (that we never really stopped dealing with) - chickens are coming home to roost (hoping mine are guinea hens and will eat these damn ticks and mosquitoes).

So, if something needs to be fixed, it needs to be fixed NOW. 

If this means something to you, if something popped into your head when you read that - then deal with that. If there is something we can't outrun - we need to turn and face it. Maybe we can suddenly clock in a 4 minute mile and get away clean, but more likely that thing we have been avoiding is not as far behind us as we thought it was.

On MONDAY, fiery Mars (in Cancer) squares unpredictable Uranus (in Aries). We also have Venus (in Gemini) squaring a retrograde Neptune (in Pisces).

This is confusing energy.

Venus squaring Neptune can leave us inspired but insecure or maybe disappointed or taken advantage of. This is the first square of the Venus/Neptune cycle that started on January 13th, if that date rings a bell. Boundaries could be leaky now and our discernment could be lacking. Let's be diplomatic, but we need to take our time with this one and not rush into something blindly (like maybe rushing in to help someone or agree with someone without all the facts)

because on TUESDAY Venus trines Jupiter (the BEST aspect we could have), so whatever "crisis" is stirred up on MONDAY, the winds will change on TUESDAY, very likely for the better (give life your best shot on TUESDAY - get dressed up, be nice to other people, expect communications to go well). Tuesday is a good day for investments - our money/value of what is purchased grows.

Later in the day on MONDAY Mars is squaring Uranus. People's actions will be unpredictable. We will be restless and so will other people. Crisis points could center around freedom and taking action. Arguments and disruptions are possible now. Keep a cool head.

Taking action (Mars) for the good of the community (Uranus) is favored. New action is favored. The Moon is waning, so it's not necessarily the best time to launch something new, but it's very good energy to do something in a new way. Work outside the box. By TUESDAY Mars will be trining Chiron so it looks like the fight/argument leads to healing. Compassionate, creative action is best.

Our waning Moon will be in Taurus both days which is great energy to get your hands into the dirt, prepare fresh food and enjoy eating it, walk barefoot in the grass, slow down, sing, dance, take an afternoon nap - get out of your head and feel the weight of your physical body on our physical planet.

On WEDNESDAY, Mercury (in Leo) trines Saturn (in Sagittarius) then on FRIDAY Mercury goes on to conjunct the North Node. There is something to pay attention to here. This is the news/communication/conversation/idea (Mercury) that will last (Saturn). This is something you can take to the bank. Something stable. There is not only security here and something tangible (Saturn), it is connected to your best way forward! Like all trines we need to put out some effort. The Moon will be balsamic, so we might want to take another nap, but be out and about. Put yourself, and your words and work, out there.

On THURSDAY, the Sun squares Uranus. This is a bookend to whatever was happening on Monday. Know people will be restless and maybe looking for a confrontation. The best way to use this crisis point (use it or be used by it!) is to understand there is a cost to preserving the solid structures in our lives. Throwing babies out with the bathwater may clear the tub and we won't be cleaning any soiled diapers, but then we don't have that cute little baby to sing to when the lights go out. There are trade-offs.

Of course, if someone else is really stepping on us - this is the energy that will bring the situation to a head. Oppressive situations come up to be worked out. Where there is anger energy, there is also courage.

Also on THURSDAY Mars enters Leo (this is about us putting energy into our creative endeavors) followed by the Sun on SATURDAY (more passion, more creativity, more energy). On SUNDAY we have the New Moon in Leo (fresh start!), so the week ends with a whole lot of Leo fire!

Things are very combustible now. Take care with fire. Everyone will want to be the king of the jungle now. With so much Uranian energy - expect the unexpected (and yes, with the energy focused on Uranus and Leo, expect Trump to be back in the news - has he ever been out of the news?).

xo all - back with the dailies and to finish up and sort out that New Moon post!